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Here are a few helpful hints when cooking with a thermal cooker:

1.Thermal cooking only works effectively if there is sufficient heat generated within the saucepans and the food within the saucepans.
2.To last the longest period and still be above food safety temperatures the saucepans need to be approximately 75-80% full and to have been at the recommended gently boiling temperature for the required period.  This is to ensure that the food within that saucepan and the saucepan itself has reached the highest temperature.
3.When cooking a smaller meal using the smaller inner saucepan it is recommended that the larger inner saucepan is filled with 2 litres of water and brought to the boil and placed inside the outer pot along with the smaller inner saucepan. The larger saucepan will act as the “heat bank” to provide the heat that is needed to cook and keep your meal hot.   The reverse can also be applied where the smaller inner saucepan can be used as the “heat bank” should the larger saucepan not be at its 80% capacity.
4.Keeping Cold: Both saucepans can be chilled in the fridge to maximize the chilling time of the food in the QAP.  Do not freeze the saucepans or the outer pot.  AS the QAP can act as a bain marie the same method of placing the smaller saucepan over the large saucepan can apply for chilling food.  Simply place ice cubes into the larger saucepan and place your food to be chilled in the smaller saucepan on the top.  For example, salad in the small inner pot, ice cubes in the large inner pot or vise versa.
5.Using as a Bain Marie:  The QAP can be used as a warming oven, for best results rinse the inner saucepans in very hot water before use and place inside the outer pot.  Make sure that all lids are kept closed to retain maximum heat this also allows the food to remain moist and hot.

How to use The Quarter Acre Pot:

As easy as 123.
Following the individual recipes simply place the ingredients into the inner pots/saucepans and bring to a gentle constant boil over a medium heat.  Cover with the lid and follow the instructions for the allocated cooking time as per the individual recipe you are using.  Stir the food regularly to ensure the food does not stick to the bottom of the pan.  Always put the lid back on the pot.  Place the inner pot/saucepan directly into the outer pot and close the lid.  The food will now start cooking in the thermal pot.
Once the required cooking time has been reached simply lift the lid of the outer pot and remove the inner pot/saucepan – your nutritious and delicious meal is ready to serve.

How to look after and clean your Quarter Acre Pot:

To clean the outer pot simply wipe inside and out with a soft dish cloth and dry with a dry soft cloth.  Do Not use harsh cleaners, bleaches or oven cleaners when cleaning your QAP.  DO NOT immerse the outer QAP in water or any other liquids.
The inner pots/saucepans can be washed like your other saucepans at home in soapy water or placed in the dishwasher.

When using the Quarter Acre Pot;

Always place the food and contents into the inner pots provided.  Do not put directly into the insulated outer pot.

Do not heat the insulated QAP outer pot – the inner pots are the only pots that can be heated on a gas or electric heat source.

As with all cookware  - do not heat an empty inner pan.  When the food is being brought to the boil have the heat on a medium level, do not use a high heat.

When using the large inner pot on the stove make sure that the handle is upright to avoid it getting hot.

ALWAYS observe the recommended normal food hygiene guidelines.

REMEMBER – the larger the volume of food in your Quarter Acre Pot (at least 80% full) the longer the heat retention.

Cooking two dishes at the same time is convenient and easy in the Quarter Acre Pot.  A meat dish with rice, pasta or vegetable is simple and easy or a main meal and dessert can easily be prepared.

Prepare the meat dish as per the recipe and place into the Quarter Acre Pot.  Then use the smaller inner pot to cook the rice, pasta or vegetables according to the recipe.  Place this into the Quarter Acre Pot.    The meal can be served when the dish with the longest required cooking time is ready.  The vegetables will retain all their goodness and their integrity.  It is recommended that the vegetable are served within a 4-5 hour period.

Cooking Tips:

Maximum heat retention and efficiency of the QAP is achieved when approximately 80% of the inner pot is used.

The ingredients in the recipes can be changed to suit your individual tastes however, all times specified for the cooking and boiling cannot be changed or altered.

To save time and money on power or gas use boiling water or hot water in the recipes.

To avoid heat loss from within the QAP avoid lifting the lid during the cooking time.

For an ideal cake or  loaf tin use the light foil containers available at supermarkets, they can be used repeatedly or thrown away.  Alternatively empty food cans can be used for a different way of presenting a cake.

When the recipe calls for a trivet to be used simply use empty salmon sandwich tins or the bottom cut of a soft drink can. 

Use left over liquid from a stew or hot pot for stock, you can freeze it for the
next recipe.


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