• The Quarter Acre Pot is a simple to use non-electrical multifunctional appliance that can be used as a Thermo Cooker, Cooler, Bain-Marie, Rice Cooker and Yoghurt Maker.

    Take your Quarter Acre Pot Camping, In the Caravan or Motor Home, Picnics, Outdoor Events e.g. Opera in the Park, to the Beach, Farming, Home or at the Bach, In the 4WD, On the Boat, or to a Barbeque.

  • The best thing about using thermal cookware is that you can use your favourite crockpot or slow cooker recipes in the Quarter Acre Pot to prepare 1 or 2 course meals.

    Whilst on holiday the time spent preparing meals is minimal but the results are like what you would experience at home with all the modern facilities and without all the dishes!
  • The slow and gentle cooking method of the QAP ensures that cuts of meat stay moist and tender while vegetables retain their integrity, keeping their shape, texture and colour.  There is an uniquely delicious mingling of flavours when food is slow cooked and because your food cooks in its own natural juices you are retaining all of the goodness, allowing the flavours, vitamins and nutrients to remain in each dish you prepare.

    The Quarter Acre Pot conveniently frees you up to provide a nutritious and healthy meal for you and the whole family.

Save Power!

While slow cookers can save around one third of the electricity a conventional oven uses, a thermal cooker can save 80–90 percent.

Introducing The QAP


Introducing the Quarter Acre Pot – every kiwis cooking dream designed for your convenience - to be used indoor or outdoor for cooking healthy, nutritious and delicious meals.

Where Can I Use The QAP

For Convenience and Ease take your Quarter Acre Pot:

•In the Caravan, or Motor Home
•Outdoor Events e.g. Opera in the Park, to the beach

Superb Slow Cooking

The food cannot dry out in the Quarter Acre Pot, burn, boil over or be over cooked, avoiding scorching or evaporation – “no death by boiling”.

The slow and gentle cooking method of the QAP ensures that cuts of meat stay moist and tender

Reviews & testimonials

"We brought the QAP at the Ashburton Motor Home show as the sales pitch sounded great.
Decided to try it out with the pasta and was so pleased with the result. Decided to try Lambshanks and rice pudding.

What can I say but Thank You Thank You Thank You.

I prepared it all in the morning and dinner was so yummy and the meat was falling off the bones.  The vegies looked like I had just put them in but cooked to perfection.
The rice pudding was so creamy.

The big bonus was that I did not have to be in a hothouse while they cooked - brilliant is all I can say!“

Frances Walker


New Portable Heaters

Model with gas canister only: 1 x gas canister will last for 4 hours continual on maximum.

Model with gas canister and LPG connector: This model takes the small gas canister and also has an adaptor for the LPG bottle which makes it very versatile.
(TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - LPG connector model)


NZ Made Water Bucket

Originally designed to transport the quarter acre pot thermal cooker, but made as a water bucket for carrying water. Nz made by penguin designs a well known nz based company specialising in fishing bags etc.


Pegless Clothesline!

Limited stock left over from flower show. A great way to dispense from those annoying pegs that always are depleting in numbers. Simply attach to to existing supports and follow instructions. The fastest way you'll ever bring in the washing, great when you want to beat the rain.


The QAP Demo

Online Shopping Security

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Buy The QAP Now!

New Model - Same quality insulation, stronger lid/hinge.

SHOW SPECIAL! Includes $60 Free Thermal Carry Bag
Where Did You Hear About The QAP?
Bus Life NZ - Amber & Andy
Trade Show
Word of Mouth

1 x recipe book is included with QAP
Shipping is $14.95 NZ Wide

NB:Recipe Book only for the QAP thermal cooker. Recipes may not work in a smaller thermal cooker.


QAP Carrier Bag
Insulated carrier bag which offers an extra hour on the cooking time available. For those taking the cooker outdoors and travelling i.e. fisherman, boaties, farmers, hunters


Upcoming Shows

Shows for 2018:

Covi Super Show 16-18 March

NZMCA rally 30th March-1 April

Go Green Auckland 7-8th April

Mystery Creek field days 13th-16th June

Christchurch caravan and boat show 6-8th July

Auckland Home Show 5th-9th September

Hamilton caravan and motorhome show 21-23 September

Go Green Wellington 10-11 November

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